The monolithic and mineral Multipor insulating system is particularly well suited for large area insulation work as well as for basement or underground garage ceilings with many angles and subdivisions. Underground garage ceilings and driveways are frequently insulated poorly if at all. Valuable heating energy escapes through walls and ceilings. This results in a cold, unpleasant room climate in the residential and office rooms above. Buildings for the future require maximum thermal insulation and energy efficiënt construction methods. This applies for renovation as well as new construction of underground garages and basements. In addition to thermal insulation, fire protection plays an increasingly important role for basements and underground garages; and this fire protection does not apply only to escape and rescue routes. Non-combustible insulating materials which do not develop smoke or toxic gases in a fire are being used more and more frequently due to experience in the past. Multipor is a highly compressive strength, non-compressible mineral insulation board.

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