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02/10/2017 Multipor at IDEAL HOME EXIBITION - NICOSIA

20/09/2017 Invitation on IDEAL HOME EXIBITION NICOSIA 29/09/2017- 01/10/2017 (our deck 626)

20.07.2017 Certificat - Eco Institute- Multipor free from harmful substances

19/06/2017 New York Time- UK Disaster- Insulation Material was banned


14/06/2017 UK Disaster waiting to happen-



The first house in Cyprus is already insulated with MULTIPOR!


23/05/2017  10 questions to Holger Griebel -Head of Multipor product management



We kindly invite you on exhibition  6h Constructions Cyprus,which will take place in Nicosia  12 - 14 05.17. Official exhibition website: 

you will learn more about Multipor system.


Multipor - 10 years of experience




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